Find a Doctor

A great way to locate a great doc.

Get maximum coverage with the smallest bill possible by ensuring the provider you select is part of the provider network(s) listed on the front of your card.

Health West / EMI Network - Primary for Utah members

To find a provider in the Health West Network, visit
1. Click "Provider Search"
2. Choose your search method
3. Select "HealthEZ Administrators" from the group drop-down menu
4. Follow the prompts to enter your search criteria
To speak to a Health West Customer Service Representative, call 888-316-1933

Freedom Academy Dentemax

To find a dentist in the DenteMax Network, visit
1. Select "Find a Dentist" in the drop-down menu
2. Enter in your zipcode
3. Then click enter and find a dentist near you
To speak to a Dentemax Customer Service Representative, call 800-752-1547


All members have unlimited access to doctor consultations with a licensed physician, at $0 cost through HealthiestYou telemedicine services. You can speak to a licensed physician at any time 24/7/365 – or access via video or email, no matter where you are.
To arrange a consultation with a HealthiestYou physician, visit
To speak to a HealthiestYou Customer Service Representative, call 866-703-1259